Sunday, September 30, 2007

The story has just begun

Despite all my time spent this rainy weekend -- volunteering at a preschool rummage sale, sending out emails for elementary school, making phone calls for Stand for Children, grocery shopping, doing laundry -- there is one thing that keeps running through my brain:

"I am the parent of a special needs child."

Now this would seem like a complete no-brainer to some of you who've seen me through my weekly prenatal specialist visits, who know about all of our boy's physical therapy, visits to developmental specialists, early intervention, special education and the like all these 7 or so years, but somehow it has never really sunken in until now. To others who don't know all the details (and even some who do), you'll be surprised.

Mind you I think all kids have special needs - none of them should or could be raised with a cookie cutter approach, but mine... well he's gonna need us in ways we never thought of and it isn't over just cause he seems pretty much fine to folks who don't live in our house.

Our boy is a wonderfully bright, energetic, creative, quirky guy who is hard not to love but certain things just aren't serving him well. I could wax on about a zillion things but honestly today I mostly want to say that I realize truly that "I am the parent of a special needs child." My work has just begun. His story has just begun. Wish us well!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is hard coming to terms w/ the thought that this is not going to be a quick fix... Hang on girl, I'll hang on w/ you.

  2. Even 11 years later it is still sometimes a shock to me! I was sitting with the school psychologist last week, just chatting about Max, and realizing again that yes, we too are the parents of a special needs child!

    I think I have passed this along before, but I'll say it again,

    "Our children teach us how to parent them."
    Follow his lead and all will be (relatively) well.

  3. Great post~ You guys are great!!