Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Eat what exactly?

So we have a nutrition appointment today for the boy. What exactly am I supposed to tell this person besides giving them the boy's 3-day food diary (did Dad really have to take them to Wendy's the other night - aargh?)

Here's what I'm guessing I'll sound like:

"Um yes well the issue is the boy is a picky eater which may be because of sensory integration issues although we haven't had a chance to get him assessed yet. Just FYI, the boy probably also has Noonan Syndrome and possibly some form of restless limb. Not sure how those might or might not play into his nutrition although "Noonies" (as they are called and call themselves) are often of short stature and run on a different growth curve. The boy also has easily decayed teeth (at least his baby teeth) and therefore should have less sugar in his diet, rather than more -- much to his chargrin.

If that's not enough, we are considering whether or not we should be trying to take wheat and/or dairy out of his diet as that may or may not be causing behavioral issues. Hmmmm. Oh yes and if we do any of the above, I'm thinking he'll stop eating altogether and shrivel up into a tiny ball. So... Mr/Ms Nutritionist, what do you suggest?

They have their work cut out for them and so do we!

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  1. So... Mr/Ms Nutritionist, what do you suggest?

    LOVE THIS!!!! Good luck!