Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Always thinking

Wondering what is needed to keep the sibling who is not so much "special needs" from feeling left out cause she does. Despite her very own doctors appointment at which we found out the girl has an ear infection and probably a sinus infection as well (no wonder that cold wasn't going away), the girl was practically distraught after watching her brother have his blood drawn.
You might be thinking, "Oh how sweet that the girl would be so concerned and empathetic toward her brother." You'd be wrong. She was in fact upset that he was getting so much love and attention! Sometimes now matter what, despite my best intentions and efforts, the girl just feels as though every piece of attention the boy gets, takes away from her. I constantly tell her otherwise and try to show her (without skewing back too far the other way) when the boy is watching.
But just so no one worries too much about the princess... here is the song she was performing for us spontaneously last night after she finished her dinner:
"I am amazing. I can do anything. I can do a somersault. I can do a cartwheel. I am amazing. I can do anything. You don't know what all I can do..." (repeat, add in things she can do, repeat, chorus, etc.). I think she's o.k. that girl.
Part way through the song, her brother raised his hand. You have a question in the audience I suggested. "Yes," she replied to her brother.
His question: "Where did you get your idea for the song from," said he.
"From inside my brain," said she.
Hey. I got the idea for my book I'm writing at school in my brain too! Hee hee," said he.
"My kids have good brains," said me.

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