Friday, October 05, 2007


It's Friday. I'm tired and already ready to go back to bed.

Today I've got to have a short meeting around 1st/2nd grade room parent stuff at school drop-off and then take 2 adorable preschool girls to their big kid class (only the 4-year olds - pre-K kinda thing)...

Then I've got to set up a class photo in their play area and then wait????? or go get coffee and be neurotic. Maybe I'm so tired I won't be able to be neurotic. That's o.k. cause I've got 2 more class photos and approx. 28 individual portraits to take over the next week PLUS the big neurotic time when I deliver the photos to families and wait for them to hate them! Ah neuroses... too bad it seems to be part of creativity and personal growth for me.

Oh well. Hope you are doing something to make it a FUN FRIDAY! What ARE you doing today? Do tell (maybe it will get my mind off my photo worries).


  1. Does trying to stay sane, as my children work against me, count as something fun? That's my plan for the day/night as I'll be home alone with the darlings this weekend. One melt down by Ben this week and last night, one by Maya makes me wonder why I'm a parent. Take care.

  2.'m going to the fabric store at lunch time - does that count?

    Oh, and when I get home I'll be watching moron-dog closely every time he's outside so I can check his piles for signs of intestinal distress since he swallowed a bone the other night. That should be a blast. Really.

  3. Karen, you slay me. I think I'd rather deal with the kids rather than check out a pooches poop. Too funny.

  4. Hey I say go get the coffee. On Friday I ditched the science project I was going to do w/ my kids and went shopping at Tuesday Morning...

    One day at a time, that's the mantra of the day for me...

  5. We went to Indiana for a football weekend with our college friends and their families. Fun, but HOT. It was in the 90s. Took the baby to the game, his first. He was more impressed with the hot dog than the game. The IU cookies I made were a big hit. I didn't bring a single one home with me!