Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ah the insanity...

It is the 2nd night of the week that I'm single parenting. Make-your-own-taco night was going well until a few too many bits fell out of the boy's taco and great whining, crying, sobbing ensued. Then the girl got upset about people being upset and the brother not passing ingredients quickly enough and went into high drama mode, breaking her taco in the process.

Eventually things simmered down, but not before Mama heated up. Finally, however the kids actually did help to clear the table, the dog kindly agreed to clear the floor and I did the dishes. What an amazing thing - a clean kitchen.

Now they are playing some semblance of tag as I type this. Good overall, this game, although it is puntcuated with a shove too hard, a mean scowl, a threatening stance and ultimately the referee calling an end to it all (that would be me)! The boy got 3 options: 1) get in the tub, 2) play Legos, 3) read a book (or my own hold out option if he wouldn't pick - BED)!

Mind you the girl is running around naked from the waist down since I can't get her to potty train for nothing. Parenthood - an experiment in daily insanity.

And as the world turns, these are the days (and evenings) of our lives!


  1. Oh my! You have had a busy night. Iam sorry that happened hope it gets better soon. I have had many nights just like that. You are not alone!

  2. Saturday night/Sunday morning: cleaning up after a sick 3 year-old. Sunday morning: steam cleaning carpet after spray-on carpet cleaner just didn't work on the baby puke.

    This morning: intervening in a fight between a 10 year old and 3 year old over wooden train cabooses that the 10 year old claimed (rightfully) were his..never mind that he hardly played with them at any age and the 3 year old adores trains.

    Now I sit at work (slightly feverish from a modified version of the virus that hit the 3 year old)praying the phone doesn't ring until 11. The 12 year old is at the orthodontist with a 90% chance of the braces coming off. If the phone rings earlier: braces for another month (most importantly for Halloween). Keep your fingers and toes crossed for her.

    I truly love being a mom, but I am so worn out some days.

  3. Tacos crumble, yet family gluten binds forever... are they made of corn or wheat or spelt or love or flesha dn blood, mixed with salty tears?