Monday, October 29, 2007

Zen Rock Castles

I love this photo right now. Why? Because it was taken on Sunday afternoon... during a quiet moment (parents may know what I'm talking about even if they have to work at it), when I realized my children were both otherwise engaged. The house was quiet. The boy was reading a book, engrossed on the couch. The girl was out back, piling rock after rock into these containers. "To build rock castles, Mama," she said. Ah I miss that oasis of quiet but I'm trying to remember it tucked between the moments of frustration, squabbling and noise.

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  1. Anonymous10/30/2007

    Ah, the cherished moment of quiet... that never lasts nearly as long as the chaos. There must be a Murphy's Law about that. Hope you can still savor it in the midst of the Halloween storm tomorrow! The mamas will meed all the patience we can muster tomorrow.
    Julie K.