Friday, November 09, 2007

I've got a pigeon

in my fireplace! Ugh. Anyone else ever have this experience? We are currently attempting bird rescue #2. Our first rescue operation went well sometime last year. Not sure what kind of bird it was, but we managed to lure it into the pet carrier (above) for some seed and then release it back into the wilds. The trick here is to get it into the carrier and shut the door quickly enough that you don't end up with a bird loose in your house. Cross your fingers for us. Maybe we can contact the Girls or Boys Scouts or our local animal rescue people about being certified as DA-TA-DA-DA... Animal Rescuers!? Or maybe we could get our own small show on Animal Planet (or not). What wacky things are you up to this Friday?

And on a slightly less wacky note... I finally painted our bedroom. Hallelujah! I feel almost like an adult. Out with the white, in with the terra cotta (which my children swear is NOT a color)! Happy holiday weekend from Casa Mama Zuzi.

*** UPDATE *** after the girl complained of hearing a loud thump behind the couch, I investigated only to find the bird flying into our various windows (front living room, dining room, CRASH-BANG-BOOM kitchen, back to the living room, under the couch). I managed to leave the front door open, and move the side table and the couch and a blur of black - one soot covered pigeon -- apparently managed his/her way out our door to freedom - Phew! I think we'll be doing a little chimney work this weekend.

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  1. Sounds like you're having way too much fun over at your house. Love the color!! :)