Thursday, November 08, 2007

Enough already

Toys linked to a date-rape drug recalled

I don't know about anyone else out there but I'm not buying any toys I know were made in China for the holidays or anything else right now. Mind you I don't have anything against the Chinese people or the country for that matter except that it is ridiculous that they keep sending us toxic toys! And then there's our government which is supposed to keep our kids safe by screening out things like this before they enter the country, but NOOOOOOO apparently can't do that.

If anyone out there really thought our government was looking out for us or our kids before this, think again. As parents, we have to protect our kids on all kinds of fronts that our parents never dreamed of. The hardest job (and most worthy) on earth just keeps getting harder. As much as possible, buy local, buy natural products, pass down things we know AREN'T toxic and live more simply.


  1. This is exactly why I have always been convinced that Nixon didn't do such a fabulous thing when he opened the door to China. No one ever listened to me.

    Hate to say "I told ya so."


  2. or we could just teach our children not to put things in thier mouths. ;)

  3. Ah teaching our children not to put things in their mouths - that would be a trick. Wanna come try to convince my girl to stop licking things too?

  4. Of course, my youngest thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to lick his momma. That just grosses me out!

    I didn't worry too much about this whole recalled toys thing until I saw the "licker" putting the Thomas Choo Choo in his mouth. Now I watch him like a hawk when he plays choo choos.

  5. Sir Grapefellow11/08/2007

    Just make sure he's not playing Chew Chew with his Thomas :D

  6. I couldn't agree more ... there is much more to life than plastic toys. (not that my house isnt' filled with them ...) dropping by for first time while exploring UU blogs. Nice to meet you.