Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A hankerin'

Apparently the girl got a hankerin' for some fall gardening. She planted an old package of multi-colored carrots we never quite managed to get to as well as some sunflower seeds. She was all prepared -- with "shovel", watering can, seeds and gardening glove -- before she even asked me to help (someone had to help carry the stuff)! She did all the rest. I didn't have the heart (or frankly the time... she is determined and fast when she wants to be) to tell her the plants may or may not (most likely not) make it before the frost... we'll just see what happens. It is kind of fun to get caught up in the fun of believing that all things are possible - and who knows, maybe they are.
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  1. Ah, fall gardening. How fun! You just never know - fall may suddenly warm up and the carrots might make it!