Monday, November 19, 2007

Stepping up

I've noticed that somehow lately, we've gotten a wee bit more organized... managed to conquer a few issues around here. To that end, I decided to step it up with the kids and be more proactive on a few items.

This weekend I happened to find (on if you can believe it) this handy journal page for kids about dealing with anger:

  • The things that make me angriest are:
  • When I get angry, it feels like:
  • I remember losing my temper when:
  • After I lost my temper, it made me feel:
  • When I need to get rid of my angry feelings I usually:
  • This works or doesn't work (circle one) because:
  • These are some negative or destructive ways to deal with anger:
  • These are some positive or contructive ways to deal with anger:

I worked through the journal with my girl and was actually quite proud of her self-knowledge. I was particularly impressed when she said that after she loses her temper, she feels SAD (me too)! She thought that some positive ways to deal with anger were to hug the cat, kiss mommy, play with her brother (sometimes yes but probably not when he's the source of her frustration) and to sit on mommy's lap. You go girl!

The boy only managed thus far to answer the first question. The things that currently make him angry are NO DESSERT, and TIME OUTS! So true.

As part of our bedtime talk, we discussed more about anger and how we all get angry. We talked about good ways to try to diffuse our anger and we agreed together to work on it.

So on this week of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that each day is a new chance to become a better parent. And what are you thankful for?


  1. Sir Grapefellow11/19/2007

    Ahhhh... that reminds me.

    My favorite Mr. Rogers Song. (for those who don't know he is my true HERO.)

    "What do you do, with the mad that you feel, when you feel so mad you could bite! When the whole wide world seem oh so wrong, and nothing you do seems very right..."

    It's good to disscuss anger for all of us. Children and adults need to remember, as the song goes,

    "It's great to beable to stop! When you've planned a thing thats wrong, and be able to do something else instead and sing this song. I can stop when I want to, I can stop when I wish, I can stop stop stop any time..."

    I am thankful for so much, but I think especially around this time of year and life in general, I'm thankful that my parents taught me patients.

  2. Thankful for family that's coming this week and the love & security of family. I'm mushy today. Is there a drawf that represents mushy?

  3. I wish I had had parents who taught be about patience and calming techniques. My Dad was a grumpy old man and you stayed out of his way when he was angry. My Mom stuffed so she didn't show her anger except once in a blue moon when she blew up! We had a rough "do-over" morning at our house this morning but we agreed to work together on it and we practised counting down from 10 (ANGRY) to 1-0 (COOL/BLUE) and after that my son said "Mama, I think you are the best mother in the whole wide world ever!" Ahhhh. Maybe we are making some progress.