Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Tis the day before Thanksgiving and what have we planned?

Thanks to my boy's school, we'll be watching films made for kids by kids and others (with the added bonus that we need to bring a can of food for the food bank to get in) first...

Then we'll be helping middle schoolers to prepare dinner meals, make table decorations and deliver or serve (not quite sure on this one) the meal to the homeless men and women who are served by a church near our school.

I'm am thankful for these opportunities both to entertain my children and hopefully keep them from annoying one another (and me :-)) but also to infuse this holiday with some real meaning for them... something beyond going to play with their cousins and eat goodies at Grandma's house tomorrow.

I've got a couple of other thankfulness reminding ideas I've been thinking of trying. If all goes well, I'll share those tomorrow or maybe even later tonight. What do you do on Thanksgiving to remember the THANKS and the GIVING, especially with kids?


  1. LisaRainier11/21/2007

    A group of friends and I are going to serve food and converse with the homeless this evening at the Clackamas service center! It's fun and nice to be able to give back just a little! Happy holidays to all!!!

  2. Anonymous11/23/2007

    This year we put up the Christmas tree early and made it a Thanksgiving Tree and decorated it for fall. Then we've been collecting canned food and putting it under the tree all month and will pass it along soon. Blessings, Elizabeth Alison