Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't let the grinches get you down

I was feeling the Christmas spirit in a big way until about 2 days ago when we realized some jerk had thought a good use of their time and energy was to steal our outdoor Christmas light remote box and cut our extension cord while they were at it. Now I'm just trying to not let the B******s get me down. That box was worth all of about $36.00 new and a half an extension cord - how much can you get for that? Maybe they just wanted it for their own. Either way, it sucks. I'm still trying to keep the spirit especially for my children but I'm frustrated and angry too. Any great ideas for not letting the grinches steal my true meaning of Christmas are welcome...

P L E A S E S H A R E ! ! ! ! !


  1. Anonymous12/22/2007

    Hey Cuz

    Well one way to make yourself feel just alittle better is post a sign out in the front yard saying

    To the grinch who stole our remote control I hope you have a merry christmas and we are glad that you got the christmas present you wanted so badly even if you couldn't wait for santa to bring it to you.

    It won't make them feel guilty but it will show the world that you can pick up your head and not be put down by something mean and stupid someone else did to you!!

    And if that doesn't work put a sign out that says merry christmas to all the jerks out there!! :P

    I love you and hope you have a wonderful christmas. Your Calif Cuz!!

  2. Sir Grapefellow12/22/2007

    I think the best way to deal with this is report it to the police non emergency, just so they have a record if this is happening in other parts of your neighbor hood.
    Then more importantly as quick as you can, replace those things that were taken from you or broken and get those lights back on!
    Nothing deters folks like that more than getting back to normal as fast as you can. Just keep your eyes and ears peeled encase they come back...most likely they won't.
    And finally do something nice for someone else, however small, it will fill your heart with Christmas spirit!

  3. Sir Grapefellow12/22/2007


    Don't give them the time of day! They eat that stuff up and will be more likely to antagonize further.

    No disrespect to Cali Cuz!

  4. Merry 6th day of Christmas! This is my favorite time of the season, all the rush is done and we enjoy our goodies, and each other!

    It's also a great time to go to Peacock Lane for a peaceful walk looking at the lights!