Friday, December 14, 2007

ThankFul Friday

I just have to say today that I have the BEST friends in the world!

Having a wonderful and green-as-we-can-manage holiday has become so much easier by the efforts and thoughtfulness of others, including my Fabulous Friends!

Thanks to the generosity of my friends, I've been able to give and re-give (even better recycled) two prime goodies on my kidlets Christmas lists! Yay! And I managed to help at least one friend to get some old toys out of her house (any parent knows how good that feels)!

We in turn have sold some old toys, and given away some as well. All this kindness and giving just makes me want to give more to those less fortunate. Ahhh the true meaning of Christmas comes shining through.

Hand-me-downs, re-gifting from friends and their older kids, Craigslist, Freecycle, handmade... how are you greening up your holidays, whether they be Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah or other?
PS... who doesn't love The Hannukah song?

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  1. I am learning from my kids when it comes to giving green gifts. Our five year old regularly makes gifts out of what some might consider trash. In fact she's fitting me for a surprise hat that she's making out of paper from the recycling bin as I type. This year our thirteen year old, who is low on cash, found lots of things in her room (mostly under her bed) that she can re-gift to friends. She is delighted to give some really nice things (journals, jewelry, hand painted ice cream dishes, etc.) to her friends and have cleaned up her room in the process. Ok, that part is more thrilling to me! I am going to bake cookies to give away and think I just may check out my selection of nice but seldom used platers and plates to put them on. It's a start...