Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Peace baby

It is the first day of 2008 and to that end I tried to gently discuss the idea of resolutions and goals with my children who are not quite 5 and 8. We talked about wanting to do lots of things in the coming year, including going to the ice cream store, enjoying kindergarten, being kinder to one another, exercising and learning Kung Fu (or some other martial art)... but the one that made my Mama's heart shine with hope was what my boy (the one who seems far too often for my taste obsessed with gun toys and enemy play and too often pounding on or in some other way hurting his sister), what my boy said he wished for 2008...

and I quote:

"I want the war to end. I mean I want all the wars to end."

Now please don't get up in arms about supporting the troops or not. That is not the issue here. At the end of the day and the beginning of a new year, we all just want to know that we did something right in our efforts with our children. I'll sleep a little better tonight.

May 2008 bring peace to as many people as is humanly possible.


  1. Awww... what a sweetie he is... and wanting the war to end IS supporting the troups. I think even the troups would agree. Especially the 30 or so who didn't make it through this holiday time.

    Happy New Year to you and the family.

    And, to answer your question about training -- I actually have a blog for that... TriCathLete. There's a link on my site. Not sure what advice I can offer -- it's really more diary than anything else. Just a step at a time, me darlin'. A step at a time.


  2. His upbringing shines through!!!
    Good for him~

  3. You're awfully quiet these days. :(