Thursday, January 17, 2008


Sorry I've been away for what seems like forever although it has only really been 2 weeks. Not sure why other than I kind of feel like I have nothing to say and I'm more focused on getting things off to a theoretical (or real maybe) good start at home in 2008. Otherwise I'd guess I'm afraid that if I start blogging again all the things that have been bouncing around in my brain just might cause it to explode!

Well... here goes with just a taste... I'm holding my head as I type this (just kidding -- that wouldn't exactly be possible now would it?).

Some of the myriad things filling up the brain of MamaZuzi:

  • Trying to manage to exercise every day (if not then a few times a week),
  • Getting used to a new family calendar,
  • Getting used to and fine-tuning a new family notebook and menu program,
  • Struggling with and trying not to stress (TOO MUCH) on getting our daughter into her brother's school next year for kindergarten and figuring out if we do get in, if we'll either want or have to pay $300/month for full-day,
  • Trying to find a new carpool since our tried-and-true partner is moving too far away as of Feb.1st,
  • Dealing with deadlines for preschool auctions and open houses and fulfilling my duties there,
  • Working with new budget system at home and all the inevitable wierd things that come up there,
  • Preparing for my baby girl's 5th birthday and our family party,
  • Looking at additional volunteer hours at my boy's school to aid in hopefully having good information to be able to calculate incoming kinders and ideally getting my daughter in - in - in!,
  • Figuring out how to work a new insurance and reimbursement system along with finding new doctors after years of being with Kaiser Permanente.

So ... that is just some of what is occupying me lately and which hasn't made it into the blog. Bug me some more and maybe I'll manage to post again sometime soon :-)


  1. Again I'm amazed with all that's going thru your brain. :)

  2. And... in your spare time? XOXO ~A~

  3. I have been threatening (only myself) to write in a journal again before bedtime to help me process some of this but where would I fit that in? Ahhhh. Spare time would be so fantabulous. Anybody got some they can spare?

  4. Your cuz!!!1/18/2008

    Hey Cuz!!

    Oh man I totally understand not having any sparetime to fit much in. I have no kids as you know but I am juggling three jobs one of which is taking care of my sister's kids, supporting a good friend in need who is living with me, and I have three cats and a dog and suddenly my sister and my renter in my trailor cats a total of four more cats have now decided that my house is far cooler then their own so at two am when someone wants the chair they get into big fights over it and I have to get up and kick cat butts and then take names and go back to bed hahahahaha

    Isn't life just grand!! I love you and hope that things settle down for you soon!! Know I am around anytime you need a good chat and laugh!

  5. lil' bro1/18/2008

    hey sis,

    Brain blowout aint purdy! Lemme tell you. Be strict with yourself in some personal time every day. Its good for you! And I like when you do things that are good for YOU!
    Even if you take 5 mins. to read a new book or look at the birds, berries and mountains in your hood take it in with love that radiates throughout your veins!

    Love you, squirt