Monday, January 21, 2008

If not for...

Norma... it seems I'd never post. Since she asked me about my daughter's birthday dress, here it is finally (2 days after said 5th birthday)!

Happy Birthday to my girl!!!!!!! I can't believe she'll start kindergarten next year.

I think the dress turned out well. I can't believe I actually managed to crochet all the edges! Lucky for me, it looks good and I didn't get addicted to a new hobby (yet anyway).

Other than that, just getting on with a few more birthday plans and trying to adjust to a world without my best friend's best friend (other than me)... we loved you (and still love you) Clio! You were a great dog. More on that later ... maybe.

In honor of Clio, I'll sign off this way:

Have a great day and keep warm!

Mama Sue


  1. You MADE that? I'm so impressed! Can I just tell you how many times my ex-mother-in-law tried to teach me to crochet? It was sad. If my life literally depended on it, I'd be dead. It's an adorable dress.

    I can't believe your daughter is 5 already. Savannah turns twenty in May, which means I'll no longer be the mother of a teenager. How does this happen, this time thing?


  2. You did a fantastic job! Luv the contrasting edges. You're brilliant. :)