Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Going with the parental flow

Sometimes as a parent, things just don't work out as originally planned. I'm having a week like that, including:

Meet boy for lunch at school only to bring him home feeling a bit sick,

3:00 a.m. next morning, awaken to boy stating loudly, "Mom! I think I'm gonna throw up!" And he did and he still is off and on. Needless to say the entire family has had its schedule thrown off.

In addition: Broken toilet seat (replaced), broken clothes washer (gonna have to replace) and this morning emailed videos warning of shadow governments. More than I can handle first thing.

That's my week thus far. And yours?


  1. Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and Chinese New Year all in one week!

    Pretty good so far!

    (Frank had the sickies last week, and missed almost every day last week, but he's at 95% now!)

  2. Lack of sleep is not helping this cold I have but it's not a bad one so I'm not complaining. I'm just sayin. Not a bad week at all. Been crafty and I've been bit by the clean and organize bug. I like it though. I hope the boy feels better soon. Don't you get it!

  3. Kristin2/06/2008

    Sue you and I are insync! This is my last 5 days of work before foot surgery and out for 2 week - Monday things were great got a lot done until husband forgot he was to pick up the girl so I had to get her at last minute (and find her with pink eye!), make dinner and still work that night. Tuesday - girl is home with me and I have to work then go to DR appt. Luckily husband graciously agreed to come home early! meetings non-stop to get everyone up before I leave....ARGGHGH!@##$%$%^%&

  4. Well since my boy is now screeching and bugging his sister, I think he's good to go back to school tomorrow! Sounds like others have had pretty good weeks (well except me and Kristin)... although the funny part is until late this afternoon when I started being unable to really deal well with my girlie's loud and dramatic ploys for attention, I was taking it in stride and not really all that upset by it. I'm tired now but hoping for a good new day tomorrow!

  5. Hey Stranger!

    Sorry to hear the boy's been sick - glad he's on the mend. My week's going to be a whole lot better now that we have both events out of the way...

    Miss ya!