Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super thoughts on Sunday

I realize I haven't been in the blogging mode lately. Not sure what's up with that and if it is a temporary or more permanent thing...

I do have a few thoughts on this Super Bowl Sunday morning:

  • I feel sorry for parents who don't get to be friends with their children's friends... who don't get to play with them at a cooperative preschool, can't spend time reading with them or taking walks or hanging with them at recess or in the lunchroom... what's better than having little friends who just have to shout out your name and wave at you with broad smiles across a crowded school lunchroom (or) who tell you with a big giggle and a smile that you are indeed "dilly" (which is 3-year old for majorly silly),

  • I have been a bit obsessed with our new budgeting system, spending time going over receipts and expenses weekly and am thrilled to admit that we came in under budget this month! Now mind you there were a few categories where went over but there were others where we were under... so all in all we are ahead of ourselves. Now if we can just manage this month to set aside the extra paycheck (most likely for full-day paid kindergarten next year), we'll be on a roll.

Even though I'm not overly invested one way or the other, I am looking forward to some homemade chili (not mine) and fun watching the Super Bowl with family. Not sure who to root for (how about whomever wins?). Not sure what's up with Super Tuesday either -- just know that it is a'coming... this go around I'm waiting for things to shake out a bit before I get overly invested. Last presidential primary season, every time I liked a candidate they'd drop out so what was really the point? PS... I already miss John Edwards. Vice President maybe? Hmmmm.

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