Friday, April 18, 2008

Find the Time Friday

Maybe I should have made this post title "Forget About It Friday" so that then I could list all the things I'd said I was going to do during the week and summarily list which ones never happened.

For now my pre-coffee brain says I'm going to try to find the time for the following today:

  • Work on a brochure at work,
  • Finally get to the bank (been trying for several days),
  • Call someone (to help us work through these girly tantrums and give us a few tips).

And this weekend:

  • Laundry (get 'em out of the clean clothes pile and into the drawers where they belong),
  • Clean, clean, clean,
  • Take the kids to our local science museum for a fun, free sustainability event,
  • Facilitate a play date with the boy and his friend we've been trying to do for awhile,
  • Enjoy a family hike even if it is cold (which it likely will be).

Here's hoping your Friday and weekend are filled with fun activities.


  1. -Girl has a friend coming home from school with her today.
    -Boy has guitar lessons.
    -I'm tiling the shower tomorrow.
    -Me & kids going to rehab center w/ church to hand out blankets the Sunday school kids made.
    -Planting tomotoe seeds so they can get a head start before they go outside.

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