Friday, April 25, 2008

Find the Time Friday

For now my pre-coffee brain says I'm going to try to find the time for the following today or in the next few:
  • Have an appointment with a naturopath,
  • Pick up some books at the library and read a couple others I've got,
  • Refine our plan for dealing with the girl prone to tantrums (and prepare for backlash),
  • Clean something (the office, bathroom most likely filthy candidates),
  • Watch "Juno",
  • Either attend one of my last preschool meetings or babysit there,
  • Look for a borrow-able or keep-able gerbil with cage and especially wheel for boy's awesome school environmental science project wherein he wants a gerbil running on a wheel to power a kid's nightlight,
  • Blog!

I'm not even gonna mention larger potential goals cause I'm just not capable right now but hopefully soon I can add things like exercise and actually mean it and do it! Anyone in Portland want to be my exercise buddy - keeping in mind it cannot include any programs (sorry Michelle) that cost money and that I'm really not in shape at this point even though I used to run tons every day during college!

1 comment:

  1. Well, you've just blogged, so that's off the list.

    And, did the boy come up with that experiment himself? Cuz, dang... just the idea of it is really kind of precocious -- in a good way.