Monday, April 07, 2008

Resolution Sunday

O.K. so it is already Monday but we had a busy day yesterday playing basketball, riding our bikes to the park, playing Monopoly at Grandma's and more...

I wish I had the time and inclination to write something more "writer-like" but for now let me just say this:

When thinking of resolutions, I could make a million or at least a long list including daily exercise, cleaning, organizing, switching from coffee to green tea, cooking better meals, but the more I list, the less I'm likely to do and thus feel more like a failure. So... this week I'm picking one thing and one thing only and that is daily exercise. I'm going to try to do what I can when I can -- I should be doing 40 minutes a day but that is unlikely so I'll report what I do manage to do. Starting on Sunday, I managed to ride my girl (in the bike trailer) about 20 blocks to a school playground and then another few blocks to a different playground and then 20 blocks back. Not much I realize but more bike time than I've had in months.

And you? What might you resolve to do differently this week?


  1. Oh Sue...this quesiton makes my brain hurt.

  2. Sorry to make your brain hurt. Monday I tried to go up and down the stairs at work a few times, but people kept coming along behind me so I didn't do very much. Today nothing so far - I'm too depressed.