Saturday, April 05, 2008

Superficial Saturday

So I am not sure what exactly I had in mind with Superficial Saturday, but I'm guessing it was something not so serious.

Not sure if these things are truly superficial or not, but here goes:

  • I'm glad the Kansas Jayhawks won tonight even though it certainly doesn't solve any world problems,
  • I hate it when parents complain about things like Little League Opening Day events but don't do a darn thing to try to make it better,
  • I hate competitive parents when frankly I think kids should just mostly be having fun,
  • The Writers Strike has led to crappy television options,
  • I don't like the aging process very much (but then again who does)?
As to yesterday's goals for finding my own time, the one thing I have not done thus far is exercise -- maybe tomorrow.

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