Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

I'm not sure I'd call it terrific this week but there's almost always something good you can find even in the muck... so what's good right now (I think terrific would be pushing it) is:
  • That it's Tuesday (as in not yesterday during the 2-hour tantrum of the girl),
  • Having created jars for each kid to fill with marbles for good behavior,
  • Having 2 parents at home to help even though not under the best circumstances,
  • Having kids who LOVE books,
  • Playing ENYA at night while the kids fall asleep.

That's what I've got - what about you?


  1. LUV all the tulip pictures you're sharing. It's too early to think terrifically but we're all well and that's good enough for me.

  2. Terrific?

    A good conversation with a mom/coworker.

    A LOVELY row a purple petunias in my flower bed, followed by a row of bright yellow marigolds,
    then some mystery flowers. Who knows what color they'll be, but they were freebies from my Dad.

    The prospect of a road trip next week to see my newest nephew and soon to be godchild, Daniel!

    And we might get to the beach while we're there since they only live an hour away..even better!