Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What I'd Like Wednesday

It is Wednesday and here is what I'd like:
  • Clarity about the future (or at least part of it),
  • A boy with no more cold symptoms,
  • A girl comfortable with the new status quo,
  • One of those machines like on the Jetson's where it wakes you up, gets you out of bed, washes and dresses you without any effort on your part (probably good for the kids too),
  • More social kid-free time with friends,
  • Good news about our positive impact on the earth,
  • A personal direction for fulfillment,
  • The energy, ability and desire to exercise as if I was running in a marathon,
  • To never ever have my neural pathways connect in the same old way and come out as depression again.


  1. Anonymous4/23/2008

    What i'd like....

    An afternoon without a doctor visit!(monday, boy 1 to ortho, Tuesday, boy 2 in for ear infection!)

    Some sun?



  2. 1. Remodel finished by itself.
    2. Merry Maids destroying ever speck of dirt and dust from my home while I'm at work.
    3. Rachel Ray abilities to cook marvelous meals in 30 min or less. Better yet, Rachel Ray cooking all my meals.
    4. All my 'lists' completed.

  3. 1. No more secrets.
    2. Self-cleaning kitchen and bathrooms.
    3. A wee bit more energy would be helpful, too!