Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What I'd Like Wednesday

Oh boy, it is finally What I'd Like Wednesday...and here's a few things I wouldn't mind having:
  • My boy relaxed and less nervous,
  • My girl relaxed, and tantrum free,
  • My hubby offered a terrific job that pays well enough for me to not work or is flexible enough for me to work around his schedule,
  • Our beach vacation to happen as planned later in the summer,
  • An Italian vacation and/or Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland before I turn 50!,
  • New paint in every room of my house,
  • A great garden that produces lots of food for my family,
  • A new president whose first name doesn't begin with either a J or a G,
  • A master's degree in something I would truly love to do for the rest of my career,
  • A maid,
  • A cook,
  • An on-call family consultant,
  • A personal shopper for groceries and those hard to find items,
  • Piece of mind.

PS... guess who picked today's picture?

1 comment:

  1. Since this is "What I'd like Wednesday"...

    1. self cleaning bathrooms
    (a girl can dream, can't she?)
    2. a week during the summer with no commitments keeping us in town so we can actually take a summer vacation and my boys can see their beloved shrine (Yankee Stadium) before it's torn down.
    3. A healthy kid brother (Mark-colitis had him in the hospital again)
    4.Another kid brother who decides against getting married in some private ceremony in New Mexico, excluding us all because he has the in-laws from H-E-double hockey sticks.
    5. That the Easter candy still hanging around my house would instantly vanish (and not into my tummy!) so it won't keep tempting me!