Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I'm thankful for:

  • My family is mostly healthy,
  • Getting a free lunch with Karen today,
  • The girl not having a full-blown tantrum last night,
  • Sunshine supposedly coming,
  • MaryBeth Kurchinka,
  • Cereal,
  • The Last Lecture (although I need to read the book),
  • Any new president at all (well not the McCain/Evil Woman combo some are touting - eegad and yuck to that one),
  • The possibility of NOT having to pay for kindergarten,


  1. Kristin4/10/2008

    Today....pants that fit, a new shirt to match them (finally), having a job and finding a new one, coffee, sunshine, Lilly, Rich, Twister, and Sue's blog to remind me to be thankful in writing.

    A note to Sue - even though I don't respond often, I read your blog regularly!

  2. -First night since Saturday that we don't have something planned.
    -Chisum on TV tonight. I love John Wayne movies.
    -Our front tree down & we could afford to pay for it.
    -The talented tree dude who we enjoyed watching take down our tree.
    -The girls allergyish symptoms not going into full blown asthma symptoms.