Friday, April 11, 2008

Find the time Friday

Well it is Friday again. And sadly, this question of finding some time for me to do something for me is always a stumper. Sure wasn't like this when I was single and childless! :-)

This week I want to find the time to:
  • Really EXERCISE - work up a sweat and not just walk up a couple of flights of stairs (maybe a family bike ride tomorrow to the Farm Ball game),
  • ENJOY the weather and get outdoors since it is supposed to be sunny and about 74 degrees here tomorrow,
  • Spend some BIG PEOPLE QUALITY TIME curled up on the couch maybe watching a movie with the hubby,
  • Get out in the YARD/GARDEN to weed and clean up,
  • PLAY with my kids,
  • CALL my mother and brother,
  • TAKE SOME PHOTOS just for fun.
And what might you be up to this Friday/weekend? Do tell.


  1. It is supposed to SUPER nice here too this weekend...Thankfully tax season is coming to a close and this will be the last weekend that I spend with families other than my own for the remainder of the year. (yeah for me) Next weekend is my little ones first parade and she is very excited about walking with her T-ball league. (yeah for her) Hopefully we will be going camping in two or three weekends for our new campers inagural run. (yeah for us) :)

  2. Tonight: Popcorn and movie night at home.
    Saturday: walking down to the creek to gawk at the flood, taking the oldest to a band competition.
    Sunday: Mass, then entertain the three kiddos so hubby can get taxes done.

    and somewhere in there find time to clean a bit. I would clean the yard, but the wind is blowing so crazy, that it's pointless to try.

  3. Husband is in Bratislava this weekend, so I'm just finding time to GET AWAY for 2 minutes. That's what I'm doing. Coming for 2 minutes, commenting, going back to set the 2 yo up with something, coming back here, commenting...Fun, huh?

    Well, now we're actually going to try an outing again (this morning's was a screaming-in-public disaster) to buy some yarn to make pompoms and some ink to do science experiments.