Saturday, April 12, 2008

Superficial Saturday

It is Saturday and I'm supposed to be thinking superficially, so here goes:

  • I don't like John McCain's voice (almost as bad to me as Bush Jr's - ugh),
  • In "Knocked Up," I just couldn't get the girl going for the guy before being really drunk (which in the beginning she was not),
  • I don't like going out of the house these days without futzing with my hair,
  • I still hate Hummers.
  • Loving the sunny, warm day!

And while this is not superficial, I didn't manage to exercise pretty much all week but have made up for it this weekend in droves! Yesterday I mowed our back lawn not once, but twice (it was that HIGH) and wore myself out. This morning, against all odds, the whole family managed to ride to the farm ball game and back (a little over 3 miles each way)! Then we played some basketball and soccer in our new found back yard ... and now we are tired (at least the adults are).

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