Monday, April 14, 2008

Resolution Sunday (late)

A bit late on my resolutions/s as we were busy at the park playing tennis and then visiting the tulip farm.

I'm having a hard time all around these days, so making resolutions doesn't come easy. I'm thinking about resolving to turn language around in order to at least say something positive about our current situation even if I don't feel it.

So it would go something like this:

Husband not working makes for less of a gas bill!

That's all I've got right now. More coffee please.


  1. Lower gas bill is good. And here's another one to boost it.

    "Husband not working at his former job opens the door for him to find a better one."

    Hoping it helps.


  2. Yup that is a good one and one I was totally into for the first 3 weeks of this adventure. Then you hit that moment when you realize there've been no calls asking for interviews or even followup questions and even though you know it's early in the process well... it gets quiet and you lose that positivity - at least for now. Thanks though, I'll try to resurrect it.

  3. Pat's sister moved to St. L to be with her beau last Sept. Sold the family home and moved here sans job.

    She found a part time job, but got a number of rejections for jobs she really liked. She finally (beginning of March) accepted a so-so full time job. Then, 2 weeks into that job, her dream job called back and offered her the job she was originally turned down for.

    Keep the faith. It will work out!
    (and turn on Aloha That oughta pick up your mood!)