Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Manic Monday (again)!
Well sad to say my life really isn't much less manic one week to the next.
What is making my life feel manic right now:
  • Waiting for final word on daughter's school and full-day vs. half-day status,
  • Living in this open-ended what is going to happen this month, all summer, for the next six months kind of existence,
  • Wanting to be a Tigger when you feel more like an Eeyore and your circumstances aren't helping,
  • Looking at the potential of 3 nights with the hubby away at school, rather than 2.*

This could mean early graduation and a better job sooner but it also means stress and more worry at the same time. Oh well these days it is all par for the course.


  1. Your situation strikes me as so fluid right now, it must feel like drowning. But it also means things are shifting and changing, and I must believe the changes are for the better.

    You don't have to swim the channel, sugar. You just have to tread water. Better yet, relax, take a deep beath, and float.



  2. Yup does feel like drowning. I remember it was bad last time when we had a new house and a new baby but it feels even worse now that I've got 2 young'ins to care for. I know it ultimately worked out for the best last time but it was a rough ride until we got there and gas was cheaper and food was less expensive etc. I'll keep trying to tread water and get back that positive attitude - thanks for the good thoughts.