Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hip to be Square

With a tween in my house, I'm certain with each passing year I become less "hip" despite no doubt having more hips. On that front (my hips), I'm adding a little Vitamin D to my diet in hopes that it just might kick start some weight loss but I am not (repeat not) holding my breath!

While I may not be as hip as I used to be (if I ever really was), I believe I am more at ease with myself and better able to fully enjoy the things I do... such as exploring my photography and ways to display it. I may no longer work and dine with the likes of INXS or Debbie Gibson or go dancing with Marc Anthony, but I'm more comfortable in my own skin.

And so I decided the other day that it was time to do some experimenting. I made a trip with my 9-year old daughter to the local craft store and the photo below shows just what made it's way home with us (other than some projects for the girl). 

Since my shot of purple flowers has been popular, I decided it might be fun to make it available on canvas. I'm going to try it on (as you can see) a 5"x5" size canvas and an 8"x8" one. 

Then the girl and I saw these adorable little cardboard frames that come ready to hang with their own twine and we just HAD to have them. Purple Blaze is a likely candidate for one of these as is Leaf Love. They might make the cutest little pics to hang in a child's room or a guest bathroom! Square artwork on wood, in frames, on canvas etc. do seem to be all the "hip" rage when I look around Etsy and the Internet..

Once I get my prints, I'll have to get a little Hodge Podge and some craft paint to round out my experiments. Soon enough we shall see if my photos can look "hip" in/on these squares! 

Now I'm going to go play a little Huey Lewis & The News. 

If you know who I am talking about, you may no longer be "hip" either! 

Back at 'cha soon.

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