Thursday, June 28, 2012

So smooth

Morning and night lately, I find that I crave two things. 

1) A sale in my shop & 
2) Smoothies! 

Around the same time that I added my newest photos (from the Fizz show) into my Etsy shop, I tried Dr Oz's (or Dr. Fuhrman's) supposedly great healthy crash diet. Well crash it did. I lost all of 1 pound and have in the Etsy shop made all of 1 sale - but I'll take it! 

Have a 1-day sale, make a sale. It works! 

Even my daughter is getting into it... advising me what to do or think about my shop and regularly requesting her own smoothies. 

This morning, the girl had mango/strawberry smoothie while I had banana/raspberry/pomegranate/strawberry/peanut butter/kale! Sounds truly atrocious when you get to the kale but it is delicious! 

It even looks good... I should have shot the mango one because the color was sublime and the texture perfection... but alas I did not. But here in all it's glory, is my smoothie and my sale. 

I'm hoping with enough of each I just might lose more than 1 pound by the end of the summer and be able to pay my nanny bill too! 

Now I'm going to spend some time thinking about other ways to display my photos... such as small wood blocks (ready to hang), necklaces or on canvas. Thinking, thinking, thinking... 

More soon.

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