Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June - What a Wonderful Month!

This month has been a whirlwind of activity for me. Despite having reached an age that I cannot believe I actually am, I have had a great month.

And what is so great, you might ask. Well, I'll
tell you what. 

1) School is out and we found a great nanny to watch the kids one day a week (big sister of school mates).

2) I got to celebrate my birthday not once, but TWICE this year at Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop (Thank you Sarah)!

3) I had (and the photos are still up) my FIRST EVER photo show at Fizz called "Eye Candy." (Thanks so much to Thomas Webb my wonderful painter friend for helping me through the process! The show isn't over yet... runs through the end of the month (or a day or 2 shy).

4) I sold 4 images from the show thus far (see photo collage): Shine Exposure (upper left), Tulip Trail (upper right), NH Dragons (middle) and Shine (bottom)!

5) If you like my Mama Picture This Facebook page in June, you will be eligible to win one of my "Eye Candy" pieces through a random drawing in early July... don't miss out. Like Mama Picture This today! 

6) I am beginning to list the images from the "Eye Candy" show in the Mama Picture This Etsy Shop.

7) I am open to any of my photos being made available for special order or by request in the shop. Just email me.

And not only are there 7 great things about this month so far, but my birthday is on the 7 th and  7  is my favorite number. Rock on my peeps! Thanks to everyone who has made this a month to remember.

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