Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some times you just gotta pull over

Today I had to take photos at an event for my day job. It was nice to have a long drive in the country although I found myself wanting to pull over every other minute to take a photo for myself of something interesting. Time constraints being what they were, I did not except just once to take this picture: 

Something about this old corner market, now abandoned and in particular these doors, called me to pull over and stop. 

I have always found myself particularly drawn to images full of patterns and with a truly graphic sensibility. I often like to take photos of things as close up as I can or in a way that breaks away from the obvious "this is a building with a top, sides and a bottom." Not sure if that will make sense to everyone but it resonates with me. 

I have also always been drawn to color. But in this photo it isn't about color, but truly lack thereof that makes it beautiful... that and the interestingly diverse patterns made by the juxtapositions of the gravel road, the porch slats, the siding, doors and beam. I find this image similar in feel to the Shaniko pictures I recently added to my shop. I suppose that makes sense as Shaniko is a ghost town and what is still there is mostly aged, weathered and abandoned. 

I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do. Have a wonderful day and I hope many wonderful doors open for you today and every day. 

Best always! 

Mama Zuzi (Sue) 

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