Monday, May 13, 2013

Cool ways to hang photos

Anyone can take a photo print down to the framing shop and go for the standard frame with or without a matte. That can get dull pretty quickly. 

The cool thing about the internet is that there are tons of clever and unique ideas out there to spice up your family photos or art prints for your home. 

A few photos of different members of your family, shots from a particular event or thematically-connected art prints can come together beautifully with the help of an old or antique window. This idea comes from the cottageinstincts blog which can be found at:

I can totally see my Shaniko photo collection in a 4-pane window. 

I also found a great and easy way to connect several photos, possibly in a hallway or above a table, by using a curtain rod. 

The rod can be as modern and sleek or fancy and intricate as your style dictates. A little ribbon or wire and your photos framed as you like, and you've got a terrific look. 

More images of this idea and details can be found at the Wingledings blog:

If you have some old shutters laying around, 2 Friends & 2 Cities have a great idea of how to refinish them and turn them into a beautiful display for your photos. 

Check out their before and after tutorial at their blog here:

I love all of these ideas and given how many bare walls we have in our house, my photo decorating wheels are turning. 

I for sure want to try both the window and the curtain rod idea. What ideas are you inspired by? 

Ciao for now. 

Mama Zuzi

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