Wednesday, May 01, 2013

RIP US Postal Service?

Rest in peace United States Postal Service? 

Do you ever think about the fact that maybe just maybe the post office should be shut down - all of them - and just keep Fed Ex and the like for packages? 

Would you miss anything? Would you be happy getting all of your bills by email? 

Would you just send e-mails, e-greetings, e-invitations and e-gifts? 

I made a series of personalizable e-cards for various winter holidays in my Etsy shop, but not a bite. If you don't send physical cards, then what? On the one hand I'd be happy in many ways to just make personalized e-items. On the other, much like holding a book in my hand and feeling the pages and the physical traits of the cover and binding and such, I myself love to get things in the mail (with the exception of bills and political advertising) and to send them too, which may be why I like to make photo note cards

In fact, I wish I would still get regular birthday cards and other greetings, letters hand written on pretty stationery or note cards that mean something either to the person who sent them to me (showing their own personal style or things they love) or about me. 

What about you? 

RIP postal service (or) send me that card!? Please add your vote/opinion in the comments below or vote in the poll at the top right of this blog. 

Better yet, won't you consider sending me a card? 


  1. I still get cards, but seldom through the mail...mostly what I get through the mail is junk that goes directly into the trash, and without the junk, the PO would be even more financially worse off than they are. Sad, isn't it?

    (Here via POE team btw :) )

  2. Yes Alex the whole PO situation is rather sad. I wish I could start a movement for writing old fashioned letters and cards!