Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday thoughts on celebrity

I have been thinking about nice new card stock, sticker paper and taking new photos but... 

My day job has been keeping me too busy to do anything about the shop these last couple of days. My job has had me thinking about celebrity, privilege, charity, causes, philanthopy and basketball - yes basketball! 
ROY Damian Lillard with staff from LifeWorks 
The last couple days at work I've been busy monitoring twitter, facebook and news sites focused on the NBA and a press conference yesterday, May 1st. 

Now why would the marketing coordinator at a mental health and addictions non profit be doing such a thing? 

And the answer to that question is Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazer. Now what is it that connects the dots between an up and coming basketball player and a non-profit? In this case it is a 2014 KIA Sorento! KIA named Damian Rookie of the Year for 2012-13 and he is having them donate the KIA to LifeWorks NW for our Project Network program! 

While monitoring every thing during the NBA press conference yesterday, it became clear that it was one of the busiest news days I've seen in a very long time. There was national news on the Boston bombing front, there was local news and schools on lock down, May Day celebrations all over the country and more. 

There was even another BIG sports story in Portland, Oregon competing for the media's attention. Funny thing is that that story was all about an 8 year old soccer player... who just happens to go to school with my kids! 

Diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, yesterday was a big day for Atticus! Thousands came and cheered for he and his soccer team, The Green Machine, who played and won against, the Portland Timbers soccer team! 

These young athletes and their professional counterparts (but more the kids) faces were everywhere yesterday, on pretty much every local news channel and outlet, all day long! 

Portland was awash in Atticus Fever! Sample coverage here:

And then, not at all related to sports, I have been noticing lots of news articles about Cheap Trick celebrating the 35th anniversary of their Live at Budokan album. Why would I notice that in the midst of everything else? I didn't attend Budokan, why should I care? 

Simply put, all the news of Cheap Trick commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Live at Budokan album puts me in a time warp. It suddenly takes me back to the many hours I spent with the guys at photo shoots, video shoots, back stage at shows, hanging out wherever they were (and no I wasn't a groupie). I worked for Epic Records back in the day, not the original Budokan day but during the Lap of Luxury days... and they were fun. 

So those are my Thursday thought on celebrity. Back to my regular life. 

Ciao for now, 

Mama Zuzi 

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