Friday, May 03, 2013

My life is going to the dogs

I love dogs. 

I'd say just about anyone who knows me at all would tell you that statement is true. I am the kooky lady in the neighborhood that not only knows all of the dogs' names but likely waves at them, talks to them when they are out in the yard and wishes she could dog sit them if her own dogs would allow (which if you are wondering, they won't). All you have to do is look at my Too Cute board on Pinterest and you get the idea! 

I'm not sure who said it, but it's true... Some of my favorite people are dogs!

So it seemed only natural today when thinking about an image to offer on a t-shirt, to consider a picture of our Penny dog. She is photogenic and very willing to model in any number of hats, masks and other Accoutrements. Here she is at Christmas-time---------------------->

You get the idea. Given that Penny dressed up as Batman had already won an award (at my office), I figured we'd give it a go. And so, without further ado, I introduce to you the first ever Mama Picture This t-shirt --"Bat Penny." 

Ironically, shortly after I listed this in the shop, I heard the dogs making a bit of a ruckus. I checked it out and found a couple of odd things on the floor such as a hand sanitizer bottle (unharmed) and didn't think much more about it. A while later, however when I was going to head to the craft store for some supplies, and I put the dogs in their crates, I stumbled upon yet another clue to what had been going on behind my back. 

Penny was fine, nothing awry, but her dorky sidekick Olivia was comfortably laying in her crate snuggling up to a chewed open and empty bottle of Children's Pain Reliever. 

At this point it dawned on me that the little dog (who has seemed forever to live dangerously) had likely gotten into and devoured whole portions of our girl scout's newly created first aid kit, including the Acetaminophen. A quick check on the internet told me what I needed to know... could be deadly and it could be quick! I rushed to the vet and they induced vomiting and gave her charcoal and we'll see if she makes it through the weekend - so far things are looking o.k. But now we are facing a weekend of watching her closely, giving her subcutaneous fluids and hoping for the best. 

Please think good thoughts for our little goof ball Olivia as she attempts to get well this weekend.

I hope your life isn't going to the dogs. If it is, may I suggest a Bat Penny shirt? Hard to stay down for long when Bat Penny is on your side (or your front as it were ;-) And if you like dogs like I like dogs, you might want to follow Sun and Moon Crafts Kits on Facebook! Their "Happy Pet Fridays" is chock full of cute!

Mama Zuzi


  1. That is a crazy story, poor lil baby. I'm hoping for a speedy and quick recovery. Your local I love that! I hope your going to crafty wonderland next weekend! Your tshirts are cute!

  2. Hoping that Piddle the pill popper is just fine and back to her spunky self soon!!

  3. Krista... thanks so much for your thoughts. Olivia seems to be doing just fine but we aren't out of the woods and she could still have some liver damage although she does seem quite indestructible at times. Your dog is soooooo cute! I wish I was going to be at Crafty Wonderland but for now the fee is too high... it's a goal for sure!

  4. Lisa,

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. So far so good on Olivia. We'll see how today goes. She's probably fine but who knows...