Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Missed Mama Monday

OK so I missed Mama Monday. I had my reasons. But I'm making up for it now. AND there will be a Tutorial Tuesday today (Tuesday) -- just a tad bit later today. 

So yesterday was Mama Monday. Getting the kids ready and myself, making some breakfast and doing our routine when suddenly my daughter says, "Mom! Today is the Astoria Trip!" It doesn't sink in at first. In a few beats however, we both realize that she was supposed to be at school on a bus AN HOUR AGO! Has anyone else read the Mama End of Year Rant that has been all over the internet!? This is one of those moments. "... you expect me on June 3rd to get my kid to school an hour early and on a Monday no less after the weekend and with NO REMINDER! Ain't gonna happen! Oy. In May maybe or October, but not in June!"

For those of you who haven't read the rant, here it is: Worst End of School Year Mom Ever. It is definitely worth a read!

Back at our house, it is just a good thing I had made a sale in the Etsy shop to keep me in good spirits. I scrambled to find a babysitter and once that was set, head off to my office. 

As to my Mama studio, let's just say it is a major mess after fulfilling these adorable orders: 

Three of these are on their way to California and I'm delivering one to an sweet 3rd grader today! The last one should head to it's new home soon. While these are looking good, my studio is looking like this: 

As you can imagine, I'll be doing a little cleaning and reorganizing this afternoon before I get to work on my order for Quinn (soccer sign) and my latest (first really) wedding sign! More later today. Happy Tutorial Tuesday! 

Oh I almost forgot... There are only 3 days left to get your name in the Birthday Blog Comment Contest! It is easy peasy to enter. Just comment on any post in my blog (anonymous is easiest but you'll need to add your name into the body of the post or I won't know who you are) and then share that post anywhere... Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest - you choose! I'll be picking winners on my birthday - this Friday! So get to it! I just know you are a winner - I can feel it.

Mama Zuzi

Anyone think I just might start seeing scrabble tiles in my sleep? 

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