Sunday, June 09, 2013

Studio Sunday - Birthday Weekend Edition

Thankful to everyone who made my birthday special this weekend! You all rock and I love ya! 

You may have noticed that I managed to miss a post yesterday. Sorry about that but I figured I was allowed a break the day after my big celebration. 

Now it is Sunday and I've got a list a mile long of things to do regarding the kids, our house, chores, friends and of course the shop/studio. 

As to what is in my studio today, here's a quick shot: 
In the upper right is Quinn's bedroom door sign. Since taking the picture, I have wrapped it up neatly and it is ready to be purchased in the shop and delivered (hopefully during this last week of school)!  

To the upper left, is a photo for my BFF Lisa. I just need to mount it on it's board and figure out with her the hanging options, and it will be ready to deliver to her -- again -- finally! Thanks for your patience Lisa Schmisa. 

In the center is a soon-to-be wedding sign and you may notice the wedding date! The sign is for the reception at the end of the month but they just got hitched yesterday! Congrats to Mintra, Paul & Paul's Mama Valerie too! 

Since it is a gorgeous day out and I have so much to do, I'm going to leave you for now. But tomorrow is another day. Back at 'cha then. 

Ciao for now, 
Mama Zuzi

PS... Happy 50th Birthday to Johnny Depp! 

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