Sunday, June 23, 2013

Studio Sunday - What's in the studio now?

The studio is filling up with things this week as I prepare for my first ever attempt to sell at a street fair. 

Portland, Oregon has a tradition of a fairly formal First Friday which kicks off art exhibits throughout the studios of our fair city. In contrast, the funky and far less traditional Last Thursday in NE Portland combines some art gallery openings along with street art and food vendors. 

I am taking several of my mounted art photo pieces which only needed to be priced and bagged. I'm not taking the larger prints just for ease of set up. 

In addition, I have made photo light switch covers and am in process with a handful of double-thick glass magnets. The floral images were a given, but Bat Penny -- now that is something new -- in magnet form. 
Check out the magnet making tutorial here.

I'm currently working on printing out and putting together a selection of photo cards for Thursday as well. I am printing out some that are already in the shop and a few that have never been. Come to Last Thursday and maybe you can see them for yourself!

And when I'm done with all that, here is my stack of wood for wedding signs. I have 6 5x10's to make as well as a couple of larger ones that can be used during ceremonies. 
Now that you've seen what's in my studio tonight, I thought I'd share a few other artists and what is in their studio too. I love checking out what others are doing -- it is inspirational and fun. Here is a peek into the studio of Cheryl Grant, an illustrator in Virginia.  Check out what's in her studio currently by clicking on the link below:

Illustrated by Cheryl Blog

And for a change of pace, check out the website of local Portland, Oregon artist (and Mama) Jolyn Fry:  This may not be her studio but you can get a feel for the beautiful art she creates. Check out these artists and maybe, just maybe stop by Last Thursday. We'd love to see you! And last but not least... 
Here's something going in my house, but not my studio. Poor kitty is trying to adjust to the loss of her beloved couch (replaced by two leather chairs), but somehow I think she'll make it! 

Ciao for now, 
Mama Zuzi 

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