Monday, July 22, 2013

Mama Monday - Whoops Edition

I wasn't going to blog today because honestly I didn't really have any "Mama" moments or pieces of wisdom to share. 

And then I wasn't going to blog because I was so excited about tomorrow's blog post... Tutorial Tuesday! I worked on magnets last night (not sure how well they worked out). 

I also created two little pendants that I think look pretty fun. 

I got started on an idea for mini photos on canvas and started by painting some black acrylic paint on them, allowing them to dry. Then today, I decided I wanted to go another way (which doesn't include black paint) and had to change my plans a bit. 

On my lunch break, I went to the art store and got: 
  • gel medium 
  • sponge brushes
I got home and realized that the one thing I hadn't planned on this morning (when revising my plans) was that my prints could no longer be on photo paper (as they had been), they could no longer be ink jet (as they would be if printed on my printer) -- they had to be laser prints! 

I then tried to upload and have them printed at Kinko's but they wouldn't be ready until tomorrow. Not good enough for me in my creative frenzy - nope! So I put the document on a thumb drive and raced up to my local Kinko's to print two copies. So far so good. 

Then I swung by Joann's and got new canvas's to replace those with black paint on them. Good to go - I thought! 

Of course, the second I got into the house I headed for my studio to get started only to realize that I'd forgotten one crucial thing. What could it be? I had totally forgotten to flip the images so that when I put them on canvas they won't be backwards! Ugh. I had three images to do and figured that the one with numbers and letters on it can't be backwards without being noticed nor could the one that albeit small says Blacksmith right on it! 

I couldn't stand not trying at least once canvas tonight (even though it needs to dry for 4-5 hours -- which means after midnight!) so I'm going ahead with the Purple Power canvas... let's see who notices the image is flipped! 

So... long post short (not really)... if you want to see how to make your own photo canvas (different technique than the last one I've shown), tune in tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday!

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