Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Tuesday - Without a Tutorial

Once again it is Tutorial Tuesday and despite being in process on a sign-making tutorial, I am not able to share it with you quite yet. 

As I sit here on my couch watching "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Rhoda", I was trying to think what I could share with you tonight. What I have decided is to share a couple of my favorite folks I've found on Etsy. 

First off is a friend of mine who has creative overflowing... she is a talented photographer and jewelry maker too. One of her recent project is bejeweled book marks - just gorgeous!

Check 'em out at her Etsy Shop Storm Shade Designs

Another new Etsy friend is David over at SoffittaUSA. They make such creative and useful items. Who needs a table or desk when they can have a great hand crafted solid wood lap desk or sofa tray. 

I LOVE this idea. Perfect for a space where you have no room for a table but want to safely set down your drink. Love, love, love! Check out all their options in their shop

Well now I need to finish icing my knee (tweaked it at work today) and work toward getting the kids and myself to bed. I am looking forward to making more progress on these signs each night and then some major headway with a 3 day weekend. 

Enjoy your week and I'll keep you posted on all things Mama Picture This. Oh and by the way, for anyone who was waiting for the outcome of my great photo transfer experiment (on porcelain plate and glass)... it was an unequivocal fail! I have another option to try but it will probably be a little while before I can get back on track in that direction. 

Good night!
Mama Zuzi

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