Sunday, October 06, 2013

It's Studio Sunday Again

Here's what has been in my studio most recently (as in today and yesterday): 

This is the latest bedroom door sign I've gotten to do. This time for Adam. It is on it's way to California. 

I took one of the leaf photos from yesterday's blog post and played with it, adding a phrase I remember a friend of ours sending to her then boyfriend (now husband) with a note and a leaf... and added it to the shop. Planning to hang it in our golden yellow living room soon. Here's hoping both leaves and love are in the air this autumn.

Next up should be pendants. I got chains to go with them but they are 24" long and that just seems too low to wear with most outfits. Someone tell me if I'm wrong. I'm hoping to return for shorter chains but for now I may just sell the pendants, allowing folks to add to chains they already own or going out and finding ones they love to go with my pendants. 

Hopefully 3rd time is the charm. I've had two attempts so far following a tutorial. First time didn't work well at all but I figured out that I needed to work on wax paper and hadn't been told to cut the photo quite a bit larger than the glass and cut down later. 

Second time was better but I found that the way the tutorial told me to trim the photos didn't turn out as well as I liked. Luckily, I experimented and got one good pendant (Country Door) and figured out to use my matte knife rather than scissors or nail clips for my trimming. Wish me luck. If they work out, a handful of pendants just may show up in the shop this week. 

Ciao for now, 
Mama Zuzi 

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