Monday, October 07, 2013

Mama Monday

It is Mama Monday which basically means I get to talk about something other than Etsy and crafting and taking photographs, although I very much enjoy talking about all those things. 

This Monday has been a bit chaotic already and we aren't even halfway done with it. My son was all packed and ready to go to an overnight field study to learn about rivers for two nights and 3 days when he decided, he did not actually, after all, want to stay over. So, we left most of his stuff behind and headed to school but late of course because we had to put on our shoes and realize we needed our boots, but then realize his boots were too small but there wasn't really another choice until we can buy some new boots maybe tonight. 

My daughter's day also includes a field study related to apple's, but this one is not overnight. She stressed all day yesterday and all the way to school that she would in fact be the only 5th grader left behind a school today because she had not turned in her form (with both needed signature) on Friday as requested, but was handing it in this morning (bearing in mind of course that we'd already paid)! I'm pretty darn sure she went and all was well. 

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