Monday, August 28, 2006

Another contender

Quite by accident my friend in Seattle sent a motherly note of frustration after a long day away and coming home to find this (among other things)... ah children and hubbies! See my Mama friend's own captions below:

For Jonathan food is nutrition, a toy and now it's art. You've heard of finger painting, well he's discovered peanut butter and jelly painting.

Notice the fine lines and beautiful details. Watch out Picasso.

I deeply appreciate her willingness to participate in our first ever messy house competition, however sadly she can't win. Why not you might ask. Because I'm fairly certain this didn't stay this way for more than a few minutes after she got home. Some of the rest of us give up in frustration and go to bed to deal with the pbj encrusted art another day (or so we hope).

I had a lovely but busy weekend past and my brain has been quietly full of too much which has somehow turned it to mush. The mohito's while camping didn't hurt that effort either :-) Thank you other preschool parent campers for sharing the goodies! And so... since I have not just 2 but 5 little people all running about my abode this afternoon, I must bid you adieu and attempt to blog better another day.

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  1. Quite the budding artist - lovely work!