Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When life gives you lemons

I believe the saying goes something like this: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But at our house, when the morning went awry we said "lemons be damned" (or at least I thought it). Instead we took our own journey -- forged our own path. When my little princess already REQUIRED bathing (can you say ink toner?) by about 7:00 a.m. followed by le petit prince losing his cool, mama losing hers and timeouts all around, we decided it was time to make...

C * U * P * C * A * K * E * S !
and have our own party complete with icing and candles too - woo hoo.

Sounded good right up until I turned around and saw my daughter's new hat:

And realized her need for the second bath of the day (all by about Noon).

God bless my children for wanting to throw me a party (not that there wasn't a wee bit of alterior motive involved) after I'd behaved badly and was feeling as low as a june bug under a heavy musty rug. God bless them for being themselves (no matter how messy that may be) and for being so very in the moment. Tomorrow I'm committed to trying to be as in the moment and as present as I can muster for them -- all morning long, at their dental appointments, at the meet-the-teacher potluck for my son, the ice cream social which follows for my daughter and at bedtime too.

Good night and God (or whatever you believe in) bless us all ... and by that I mean every ... single ... one ... of us ... around the world.
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  1. Such a lovely chocolate helmet. I can only imagine what her hair must have looked like after that!

    Is it sad that I just love all your stories about the trouble your kids get into just and they make me want to have some of my own even more??? Or is it just the hormones talking? :-)

  2. I think it is a combination of the hormones and the fact that you don't have to clean them up. Other parents kids frustrating the heck out of them is often adorable but once you have them you start to also zone in on the overwhelmed parents and feel for them too. Hopefully not too far in the distant future you will have a chocolate covered child although first comes the poop (we still have that) and the spit up. Besides you can just have the dogs give them kids a good licking!

  3. I had to clean one up. And I love the stories about your kids, too. Also, if we were taking care of your kids, they'd be so much better behaved for us than for you, because that's the way it works.

    Yours are young yet, so you may not have gotten the teacher's report about your cooperative, helpful, always-happy child whose such a joy to have in class. At which point you carefully describe your child's physical appearance ("'bout this high? blonde hair, blue eyes? dimple in his left cheek") to the teacher, just to verify that you are both discussing the same child.

    If you haven't had it yet, you will. It's coming. It's their way of proving to the world that you're crazy.

    "I don't know why she had a complete nuclear meltdown this morning. I was just sitting over here, being cooperative, helpful and always-happy. Just ask my teacher. She'll back me up."

    Not just you... happens to everyone... Mothers of the world unite....



  4. Soooooo Cute! Reminds me of my little Megs.