Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The sun will come out tomorrow

O.k. so the sun wasn't really out, but it did turn out to be a better day. A bit of a rough start as I tried to get up before the kids to do "my stuff," but was thwarted first by my daughter and quickly thereafter by Mr. Man. Oh well...

I've been thinking a lot lately about all the things I'd rather be doing or doing in a better more quality way. It is so not going to happen but I lately daydream a bit about being a stay-at-home mama just so that I could truly concentrate on organizing the house, our lives, making healthy delicious meals, teaching myself canning, acquiring more gardening skills, get the laundry not only done but also put away where it belongs (what a concept).

With the cooler weather and a bit of rain that has descended upon us, I feel as though New Years is already here. I've been kicking around resolutions and goals in my head lately like a football. One thing I definitely want to master is consistently making healthier homemade meals. With school lunch boxes beckoning, I'd better jump on that goal sooner than soon. To that end, we finally had something for breakfast that wasn't either yogurt, toaster waffles or peanut butter toast. It was kinda healthy. I know we have a ways to go but see for yourself. Here is my daughter's idea of breakfast:

That Blue's Clues plate contains scrambled eggs with cheese, ham and fresh spinach if you can't quite make it out. She added a pile of uncooked spinach and needed sauce (salad dressing) for dipping.

On the other hand, my son's idea of a healthy breakfast option today included:

Said same scramble minus the spinach (I tried highlighting Popeye and his strength but it didn't impress anyone). Alongside the eggs, is cheese and crackers (Wallace & Gromit anyone?).

And for dessert...

Yes we finally iced our cupcakes and threw our own cupcake party complete with candles and our own rousing rendition of "Happy Cupcake Day to Us."

It was neither organic nor even particulary healthy but we did have fun. Sometimes you gotta give up perfection and just have a little fun together.

So that being said, a few of my goals this week include:

1) Taking a shopping trip to Mirador (they've apparently got laptop lunchboxes),

2) Selling a bunch of the kids clothes that don't fit them anymore to the local consignment store,

3) Making one healthy meal from scratch this week (haven't a clue what, when or where),

4) Working out a rough draft of a family schedule for when school starts,


5) Getting the kids to bed by 7:30 pm every night between now and the start of school (one week from today).

When you wish upon a star...
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