Thursday, August 31, 2006

Serendipity and random thoughts

There are moments in life which are clearly serendipitous, unexpected, out-of-the blue. I had one of these moments today. I opened my front door, looked across the street and immediately spotted this:

It is fabulous, large and oh-so-retro -- simply fabric stretched on a very large frame. I realized in an instant that it was perfectly color matched to our bedroom - a must have for sure.

Much like my recent acquisition of "the" tray, it is amazing to me how perfectly these colors go with our comforter -- as if it was meant to be.

Now I just have to decide whether the large piece can fit in our tiny bedroom (as is or with added ribbons as a photo presentation board) or whether I should cut it into smaller pieces and turn it into maybe three pieces to be placed together on our walls.

Oh yes... and the kids like it too!

This sudden serendipity has gotten me to thinking... about needles in haystacks and finding perfect things in a seemingly unfathomnable way, about ying and yang and finding lost friends halfway round the world via the internet, about love and loss and the death of a parent, about new beginnings (whether they be preschool or first grade) and new life directions later in life, about where the world has come and where we are going. It is amazing to me how a seemingly mundane moment in our life can bring up so much more. Here's hoping you find a wee bit of serendipity today (and every day).

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