Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's official

It's official now. Summer's over -- not technically of course -- but the days of lolling about and day excursions and no school are come to a close. When could I tell? Yesterday is when. Getting out of Portland, taking our last big day trip of the season brought the end of Summer into clear focus.

We've begun a family tradition of riding the ski lift at the end of the summer. This year was the first time with the kids. Wiggly children on small chairs high in the air isn't the most relaxing thing ever, but once we arrived at our higher elevation the view and the solace made up for all the scary squirming.

Feeling the icey cold shock of snow between my toes (yes I wore my Keen sandals) followed in quick succession by warm, dry, rocky sand made for an interesting juxtoposition, an intriguing mix for the senses and an odd reminder of the ever-changing seasons.

And so the seasons change, people climb the mountain and are replaced by the next season's climbers (I loved these great historical photos on the walls of the lodge -- and the glass of Chardonnay I had too), and the school year starts anew. Tomorrow its the 1st day of 1st grade. Next week the girl starts pre-school. I'm ready and not ready too. Just like saying goodbye to Summer and Hello to Fall. And I hope to be present for all the adventures to come this season and this year, including this adorable chipmunk (big thanks to my baby girl for noticing it and staying still long enough for me to take its picture).

And now I must read "Olivia" to said same daughter who sits on my lap while I'm a'typing, then it's cleanup time, bedtime, and get up to make our first school lunch time. Good night and be well.

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